North Carolina Event Widget


Everyone has questions. Here are a few that may be useful to you.

Q. Can I add my local area events to the extranet so they will show on my widget?
A. Yes. Events that have only a local draw are not appropriate for and are not featured on However, with the new, you can add local events to the extranet for use on the widget. Be sure to tag your local events with the appropriate category: Audience > Local. Events tagged with this category will display on your widget, but will not be included on

Q. Can I use the widget on a mobile phone or tablet?
A. Yes. The event widget has a responsive layout that adapts to the user’s device.

Q. Can I make more than one widget configuration?
A. Absolutely. You can make as many as you like to fit the different pages and placements on your sites as needed.

Q. Can I get a copy of the widget CSS file to modify?
A. Yes. Here is the link:

Q. Can I hide the “North Carolina Events” title at the top of the widget?
A. Yes, if you are proficient with CSS you can add the following style to a custom style sheet:

Div.ncEventsHeader {
	display: none;

Q. How do I create a widget with a flexible layout? I want my widget to fill my page’s available space.
A. If you would like a flexible layout, you will need to choose “%” as a unit when defining your width. A width of 100% will make your widget stretch to fill the available space in your template.

Q. My widget has a flexible width, can I set a flexible height?
A. No. Unfortunately, due to iFrame limitations, we are unable to support this feature at this time. If you have a skilled HTML developer working on your behalf, they may be able to implement the custom CSS and code modifications to your site that will be required to achieve this particular behavior.